Skyline Sips: The Ultimate Guide to Brussels’ 10 Coolest Hotel Bars and Rooftops

Skyline Sips: The Ultimate Guide to Brussels’ 10 Coolest Hotel Bars and Rooftops
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Hey, cocktail aficionados and view-seekers! It’s your favorite Brussels insiders, RaeRae and Bo, back with another must-read guide. Ever fantasized about sipping a cosmopolitan while gazing at Brussels’ twinkling skyline? Or are you just looking for a sweet sport to relax after work and/or just chill. Say no more! We’ve curated the top 10 hotel bars and rooftops that will elevate your day, afternoon and night—literally. Let’s get this party started! 🍹🌃

1. The Hoxton Hotel: The Retro Oasis

  • Address: Rue du Quatre Septembre, Brussels
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Live Events: Yes
  • Alcohol-Free Options: Yes

Quirky Fact: The Hoxton’s bar is a tribute to the Roaring Twenties, so you can feel like Gatsby for a night!

Our Take: In addition to the bar on the ground floor there is also a rooftop! If you’re looking for an amazing view with great cocktails and live act (performer or dj), the Hoxton aka Tope (the name of their concept event which is on from Thursday to Saturday from 18:00 til late!). The Hoxton is where retro flair meets modern mixology. Jazz nights and mocktails? Yes, please!

2. The Dominican Hotel: The Elegant Escape

  • Address: Rue Léopold, Brussels
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No
  • Live Events: No
  • Alcohol-Free Options: Yes

Quirky Fact: The Dominican is inspired by Jacques-Louis David, so you can sip cocktails and feel like an art connoisseur.

Our Take: The Dominican is your go-to for a night of refined elegance. The cocktails are basically liquid art!

3. Pillows Hotel: The Intimate Inn

Quirky Fact: Pillows Hotel was once a mansion, so you can channel your inner Downton Abbey while enjoying a drink.

Our Take: Pillows offers a snug, intimate setting that’s perfect for a romantic evening or a chill night with friends.

4. Radisson Hotel: The Skyline Soiree

  • Address: Rue du Fossé-aux-Loups, Brussels
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Live Events: Yes
  • Alcohol-Free Options: Yes

Quirky Fact: The Radisson offers a telescope for stargazing, so you can sip and star-gaze simultaneously!

Our Take: The Radisson’s rooftop is a celestial celebration. With live DJ sets and a telescope, it’s a party in the sky!

5. Le Louise Hotel Brussels – MGallery: The Hidden Gem

  • Address: 40 Avenue de la Toison d Or, 1050 Brussels
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Live Events: No
  • Alcohol-Free Options: Yes

Quirky Fact: Le Cinq’s rooftop garden has its own beehive, making their honey cocktails a buzzworthy experience.

Our Take: Le Cinq is where nature meets nightlife. Their honey cocktails are the bee’s knees!

6. Harmon House: The Luxe Lounge

Quirky Fact: Harmon House was designed by a famous architect, so even the bar stools are a masterpiece.

Our Take: Harmon House is where luxury meets libations. Don’t miss their live music nights!

7. MEININGER Hotel: The Budget Boozer

Quirky Fact: MEININGER is located in a former brewery, making it a haven for beer enthusiasts.

Our Take: MEININGER is the perfect spot for budget-friendly yet atmospheric nights out.

8. Hotel nhow Bloom: The Artistic Abode

Quirky Fact: Each room in Hotel nhow Bloom is a unique art installation, making the entire hotel a living gallery.

Our Take: Hotel nhow Bloom is a visual and gastronomic feast. Their live art events are the cherry on top!

9. The Hotel: The Panoramic Paradise

Quirky Fact: The Hotel offers 360-degree views of Brussels, so every selfie will be a winner.

Our Take: The Hotel is where you go to sip cocktails on cloud nine. The views are simply unbeatable.

10. Penta Hotel: The Youthful Yard

Quirky Fact: Penta Hotel’s lounge is a cool place to meet new people and make new friends, so don’t be shy!

Our Take: Penta Hotel is the epitome of youthful zest. Whether you want to cool down after a long day of work or actually pre-drink before a big night out, Penta Hotel got you covered. Also they serve a good range of bites to share as well as vegan/vegetarian option dishes. There’s also a pooltable so if you’re up for a game then we’re game too!

11. The Ono bar @ the Ibis Hotel Chatelain : An Oasis in the City

Quirky Fact: The Ono bar is situated in the Chatelain area of Brussels, check out the local museums in the area! The Victor Horta museum isn’t far and be sure to look up at the buildings for the art deco and art nouveau affectionados!

Our Take: The Ono bar is a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city. From Wednesday evening they have a selection of live acts that perform. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere in this cozy and designer environment and their unique jungle terrace at night.

Conclusion: Skyline Sips Await!

So there you have it, folks! The top 10 hotel bars and rooftops in Brussels for every vibe and budget. Whether you’re a mocktail maven or a cocktail aficionado, we’ve got you covered. Cheers to nights you won’t forget and views you’ll always remember!

Don’t forget to subscribe to “RaeRae and Bo’s Adventures” for more insider tips on Brussels’ best spots. Until next time, keep sipping and keep snapping those skyline selfies! 🍸🌆

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