Discover Magic at Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs: Brussels’ Fragrance Wonderland

Discover Magic at Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs: Brussels’ Fragrance Wonderland
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Hey there, fragrance enthusiasts and curious noses! If you know anything about us it’s that we love perfumes! Scent played a very big part in us falling and staying in love with eachother. So today we’re taking you on a scent-sational journey to a place that’s close to our hearts – Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs, a Black-Owned perfume store. As a Black queer couple, finding spaces where we feel represented and welcomed is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure, and this store is a gem unlike any other in Brussels.

The Essence of Black Entrepreneurship

Let’s start with why Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs isn’t just a store – it’s a statement. In a city bustling with diverse cultures, it stands out as the only Black-owned perfume store. Supporting Black entrepreneurship is not just about buying products; it’s about investing in dreams and uplifting our community. Every bottle you pick from this store carries a story – a narrative of luxury, creativity, and the sweet smell of success.

A Perfume Pioneer

Meet the mastermind behind Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs, Adja Sokona – a visionary with an unbridled passion for the art of perfumery. Her journey into the world of fragrances is not just a career path, but a lifelong love affair with scents. With extensive knowledge rooted in the rich heritage of perfumery, she brings a unique blend of tradition and innovation to every bottle. Her expertise lies in her ability to harmonize diverse notes into a symphony of scents, reflecting not just a deep understanding of olfactory complexities but also a keen intuition for what resonates with individuals.

Each fragrance she crafts is a testament to her dedication and an invitation to explore the intimate and personal world of scent. It’s a tale that weaves together personal passion with the essence of heritage and identity. Her passion for perfume is not just about creating beautiful aromas; it’s about evoking emotions, capturing memories, and celebrating the unique essence of each person who walks through the doors of Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs. Her journey from a passionate fragrance enthusiast to a pioneering entrepreneur in Brussels is nothing short of inspiring

Why Your Next Perfume Should Be From Here

As you explore Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs, you realize it’s more than just a store – it’s a sensory journey. Each scent is a time capsule, capturing moments and memories. From the sweet whispers of vanilla reminiscent of warm, comforting hugs, to the sharp, invigorating jolt of citrus that takes you back to your first adventurous trip, this place is a treasure trove of emotions bottled up. Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I get my next perfume from Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs?” Well, let us sprinkle a bit of our RaeRae and Bo charm to answer that!

Crafting Your Signature Scent

One of our favourite services at the store is the ability to craft your own unique perfume! This is where the real magic begins! But also where the talent and passion of Adja come to life. It’s not just about mixing scents; it’s about crafting a part of your identity. Each ingredient, each note, resonates with a different chord of your personality. Want to feel bold and empowered? There’s a scent for that. Dreaming of a fragrance that takes you back to those lazy, sun-drenched afternoons? Adja has got you covered. Forget those mass-produced scents; here, your fragrance will be as unique as your fingerprint.

Support Local, Embrace Global

By choosing Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs, you’re not just supporting a local business; you’re embracing a global narrative. You’re part of a movement that encourages entrepreneurship and artisanship, especially amongst Black women. Places such as Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs ensure that this type of artisanship stays local and encourages others to also see themselves in this sector. All of this one delightful scent at a time.

The Art of Perfume Making

Watch in awe as the owner, with a deft hand and a knowing smile, guides you through the art of perfume making. It’s not just science; it’s poetry in motion. Adja really takes the time to explain each note, scent and the entire procedure of perfume-making because we will be truthful, it can get overwhelming!

Leaving With a Piece of Magic

Whether you’ve made a unique scent or you’ve bought a perfume from the store’s immaculately curated collection, you will leave not just with a bottle of perfume, but with a piece of magic, a souvenir of an unforgettable olfactory adventure.

So there you have it, folks! Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs is more than just a perfume store; it’s a celebration of individuality, a homage to Black entrepreneurship, and a sensory journey unlike any other. Whether you’re a fragrance aficionado or new to the world of scents, this place is a must-visit. Come for the perfume, stay for the experience, and leave with a story. Trust us, your senses will thank you!

If you want to find out more or visit the store virtually, you can find it here!

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We hope to see you around the city!

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